Schools Out Camp

We take great pride in helping children investigate their ideas and interests. In addition to our classes and programs, we offer School’s Out Camps for students to drop in on their day off and enjoy some STEM fun! Students from PreK to Middle School will enjoy spending the day at Brainiacs. They will get to interact with some cool tech equipment and experience each area of STEM in a unique and fun way. Students will participate in project based learning and collaboration in themed activities that are relevant to their lives. Turn your students day off into a day of learning!

Daily Rates:

  • Full Day Price: $45/student
  • Half Day Price: $35/student

Upcoming Schools Out Camps

  • January 18, 2019
  • January 21, 2019
  • March 29, 2019
  • April 1, 2019
To register your child  for any single day camp, please call 540-668-5154.

Daily Schedule

  • 9:00a-9:15a: Student Drop Off/Check In
  • 9:15a: Course Instruction, Project Based Learning
  • 10:30a: Snack Break/Outside Time
  • 11:00a: Course Instruction, Hands-On Learning
  • 12:00p: AM Half day Pick Up/Lunch Time
  • 12:45p-1:00p: PM Half Day Drop Off/Check In
  • 1:00p: Course Instruction, Hands-On Learning
  • 2:30: Snack Break/Outside Time
  • 3:00p: Course Instruction, Project Based Learning
  • 4:00p: Full Day, PM Half Day Pick Up

Featured Camps

Winter Break Camp: Dec. 21, 26-28

Make your student’s winter break an unforgettable experience! Explore engineering design throughout the week using different career lenses! Students can explore fields like Aeronautical, Structural, Computer, Electrical, Chemical and much more! Each day students will explore engineering through inquiry based hands-on lessons as they collaborate with other students. Each day will focus on a new project and help the students master new skills.


  • Full Day Camp: $175
  • Half Day Camp: $100

Spring Break Camp: April 15-19

Students will explore the outside! There is so much to learn from our environment around us! We will explore backyard science, the sun and solar energy, shadows, the water cycle, plants and more! Each day the students will have the opportunity to get dirty, wonder and plan their own investigations.


  • Full Day Camp $215
  • Half Day Camp $125