2019-2020 Current STEM Classes

This page shows our upcoming classes, by date, time and age group for the current school year. Details on the specific classes can be found by clicking the class name.

STEM Classes

General STEM K-4 Mondays 4:00p-5:00p

Sept. 9-Oct. 14 Storybook Engineering
Nov 11-Dec. 16 Holiday STEM
Jan. 6-Feb.10 Winter STEM
Feb.24-Mar. 30 Lego Engineering
Apr. 13-May 18 Wacky Science-Chemistry

Programming & Robotics Gr. 2-6 Mondays 5:30p-6:30p

Sept. 9-Oct. 14 Dash & Dot
Nov 11-Dec. 16 Ozobot
Jan. 6-Feb.10 Intro to Electrical Engineering
Feb.24-Mar. 30 Dash & Dot
Apr. 13-May 18 Programming & Robotics-Independent Study

Topic Focused STEM 3-6 Thursdays 4:15p-5:15p

Sept. 9-Oct. 14 Cooking Science
Nov 4-Dec. 16 Grossology-Human Biology
Jan. 6-Feb.10 Slime Mania
Feb.24-Mar. 30 Spy Academy
Apr. 13-May 18 Rocket Science

Parent & Me Ages 2-4 Thursdays 5:30p-6:15p

Sept. 9-Oct. 14 Fall into STEM
Nov 4-Dec. 16 STEM Art
Jan. 6-Feb.10 Suess Science
Feb.24-Mar. 30 Crazy Chemistry
Apr. 13-May 18 Spring into STEM

STEM Classes are separated into different tracks, this allows a student the ability to maintain the same teacher and class time for continued learning and exploration of a topic through different mediums throughout the year. If you would like assistance on selecting the best track for your student, please call our center.

6-week Class Pricing

  • Parent & Me STEM
    (Ages 2-4) $95/student
  • General STEM
    (Gr. K-4) $95/student
  • Topic Focused STEM
    (Gr. 3-6) $125/student
  • Programming & Robotics
    (Gr. 2-6) $125/student